Friday, December 16, 2011

New News!

Just off the press!

New Children's book written by David Boze and Illustrated by Chris Hopkins

Book Description

"Kumar Joe, a Singing Crow" is the tale of a little crow who was born with a heart for music, but not a voice for it.  After the esteemed maestro of the local bird's choir bans him from singing, Kumar must find the courage to overcome the social pressure and his embarrassment to reclaim the joy of music...and save the choir along the way.  Kumar Joe is a tile for all the kids (and adults out there), who've ever given up on something merely because they didn't excel at it.  Kumar is a reminder that joy, in itself, is reason enough.  Illustrated in B&W with a full color cover (by Chris Hopkins) and broken into small chapters, Kumar Joe was written for parents to read to their children, however, parents might just find themselves reading ahead on their own.

This book can be purchased on AMAZON.COM